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What is Infinity Downline?

From the Desk of Maxx Williams

Product Name & Purpose: Review of Infinity Downline


That is the question that many of you want answered before you actually get into this system.

I am going to keep this short and simple, yet very effective.

Infinity Downline is a project much like a big affiliate site, that attracts affiliates and opts-in as many buyers as possible. The way they make money is from their products they put for sale once you join. The way you make money is from attracting as many people to join Infinity Downline under your name.

  • You’re job after you register is to attract as many people as you can through a special link they provide you with.

So, when someone reads your content and registers to Infinity Downline through your link, you get paid $25 (each month) by that prospect. Now, it is very strange that they don’t keep any percentage, at all, from your subscribers. A lot of affiliate sites keep at least 25% of the sales you make. But Infinity Downline isn’t just an affiliate site. It is a business opportunity that gives you a blueprint to success and making money online.

Let me explain the way they make money: They sell their products to people that are registered in their site. Period. That’s pretty much it. That is (really) the only way they make money. And don’t worry about up-sells and all kinds of emails and non-stop products being thrown right in your face. This company is very subtle. They care about their members and want to grow their list and become a famous, leading software corporation that sells as much of their products as possible. So to have a business that is giving you the option of becoming rich online and in return they sell you products that will make you richer and expand your marketing skills? That is a dream come true for marketers.

And their products are also very handy, teaching you to a great extent about not only internet marketing, but also about computer software…

They cover basic training to start you off with a bang and keep you sky-rocketing for ever. There are hundreds of training videos covering various topics from how to use Photoshop, vista, excel, setting up webpages, blogging, SEO, social media and also seminars of well known personal development speakers. Not only that. They also have a library full of audios.

So your job is to refer as many people as possible. You get to keep the whole $25, being payed to your account, every month! From every person you refer.

And it’s all…

100% income!

To me, this is nowhere near a scam. And I understand the doubts you may have.

For instance, let’s take a look at the site itself. The biggest question that I have come across is ‘why the site looks fake.’

By the looks of it, the site is purposely done like a big flashy scam.’ It is for the sole purpose of attracting as many new visitors as possible. New people in the internet marketing industry fall for flashy looking sites, and can’t wait to get their credit cards out and pay. So, Infinity Downline has created their site to attract as much traffic as possible.

Besides. Everyone would love to have a car like that 🙂

Let’s Cut to the Chase!

Here is the whole idea of making money with Infinity Downline

Example: Mary comes across this system, and reads what you have to say about Infinity Downline. She clicks on your special link and is redirected to the Infinity Downline site.

So, she registers for Infinity Downline, and since you referred her to them, you get payed $25.

Now, keep reading, because Mary could potentially help you grow like crazy.

If Mary does the same thing, and refers others under her link; you get payed also, because you referred Mary from the start.

How Great Is That!

Keyword here is ‘Residual Income’

What this means is that you don’t have to start fresh every month. Each member you have referred will keep paying you $25 monthly. AND, what’s even more amazing is that you will automatically receive your referrals’ 2nd and 4th prospects.

Here I explain the Compensation Plan of Infinity Downline.

Watch this video belowjhk



You may be ready right now to join Infinity Downline. And no one blames you, because it is very powerful and new to the market.

But hang on, because I have a great deal for you.

Great Deal

If you become my referrer, (scroll down to register by clicking at the ‘Join Now’ flashing button) I will personally give you my free training e-books to get you on the gurus wagon as an internet marketer. I will also take you step-by-step to creating your own free website that will be generating you free-targeted traffic for Infinity Downline. Once you learn my methods, you can start creating your own products and become a multi-millionaire online! PLUS, you get these amazing Bonuses for FREE!

All you have to do is sign up through the link at the bottom of this page, fill out your name & email address, and register for Infinity Downline.

(scroll down until you see a grey box for more info)

Here is what you will get if you join ID through the link below!

Bonus # 1

Bonus # 1

  • Giant Package of 19,000 articles.
  • Every niche imaginable covered.
  • Add these to your products and earn cold-hard cash.
  • Use them for landing pages.
  • All articles come with full publishing rights. You can edit, change them and re-sell them under your own name.
  • Bonus # 1

    Giant Article Package

    Bonus # 2


    Traffic Tactics

    Bonus # 3

    Bonus # 3

    Paul Ponna’s “Magic & Twitter Products”

    Bonus # 4


    How to get backlinks by using other people’s blog to your advantage

    Because of the agreement I made when I purchased the right to re-sell these bonus products, I am only allowed to distribute 100 25 copies of ALL of them. These bonuses are easily worth 10 times the cost of joining Infinity Downline! So don’t hesitate because you are getting a deal of a lifetime of opportunities.

    If you happen to not be eligible for receiving all the bonuses for free, don’t worry, because everyone gets Bonus #1, #2, #5 and #6 for FREE!

    No matter when you join!

    Bonus # 5

    The Clickbank Cash System

    Bonus # 6

    Cam Studio

    Read this Grey Box

    Click below to register for Infinity Downline. Make sure you click on the ‘Join Now’ Button to receive all the bonuses.

    (If you need an Alertpay account, click on the logo above)

    Thanks for your time and I hope you will find my review useful for your services. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let me know what I need to fix.

    P.S. I wouldn’t put my name at risk and spend my time for a product that I know won’t help me, and won’t help you. Not many people know about Infinity Downline. Join as fast as you can.

    I’ll see you in the next page!

    Yours truly,

    Maxx Williams

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    2. October 25, 2010 at 1:38 pm

      Kool Im sure your bonuses you offer will help a lot of people

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      Thanks for all the info Maxx. But… does this work?

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